Slot Dipping Device

What is slot dipping device

Slot dipping device is a equipment that make provision to secure ways for dipping, sampling and measuring temperature in dangerous substance such as volatile gases which are available in bulk content. Slot dipping device helps to measure the depth of water level.

The slot dipping device measure adapter has a small space around the tape that allows a small amount of steam to escape and be permanently attached to the tape. If the top of the device is separated from the tank by a locking paddle, you can remove the cover and insert the band weight using the band adapter instead of the cover. You can continue measuring by lowering the paddle cover. A paste meter is commonly used to measure alcohol tanks. When measuring a black oil tank, it is recommended to use an adapter with a built-in strip scraper. The rigid beryllium copper strip of the conditioner pulls the end of the tape away from the end of the slots. The top cover has a diameter of 46 mm opening and allows all known standard tapes and piston weights to pass through.

Operation of slot dipping devices

Open the case by lifting the outer frame up to the bottom cover. After pre-pouring to the required depth, close the device and tie a string or ribbon to support the device for sampling. As the body and disk isolate the sample from its surroundings, the temperature change becomes smaller over time as the sample rises and reads. Once the temperature is read, the sample can be returned to the reservoir or poured into a sample bottle using a special funnel. Most unheated oil products take less than 30 seconds to load.

Slightly longer soaking, up to 1 minute, may require heated viscous oil.

The Temperature and Sampling Device has been designed to provide a means of taking samples of products stored in bulk in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and allied industries. When used in conjunction with the Slot Dipping Device which is suitable up to 40” (1016 mm) WG, loss of vapour is greatly reduced.

Purple engineering provides most safe and effective slot dipping devices while meeting requirements of the customers.

Main features of the slot dipping device and adaptors are followings.

  • Conforms with the requirements of institute of petroleum measurement
  • Will accommodate the thermometers to the institute of petroleum specification with overall and immersed lengths
  • Samples and temperatures can be taken at various depths of products
  • Varies sample volume

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