Type E-21 In-Line Flame Arrestor

Type E-21 In-Line Flame Arrestor - Tankvent

Flame Arrestors – Fabricated Body

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Fabricated OCECO Type E-21 Flame Arrestors are designed for special applications where corrosion, high flow capacity and minimal pressure losses are a consideration. Flame Arrestors should be installed wherever flammable vapors, such as those encountered in waste gas lines or incineration system piping, may become ignited. Unchecked flame propagation could result in serious damage to the entire system.

The arrestor element, or bank assembly, consists of alternating flat and corrugated sheets arranged parallel to the gas flow. OCECO arrestors prevent the propagation of flame by absorbing and dissipating heat. Ignited vapors attempting to pass through the element assembly are broken into small flame fronts by passages formed in the element sheets. Consequently, flame propagation is inhibited at the downstream side of the element but will continue to burn until the source is eliminated.

The standard unit consists of fabricated steel housing and a type 316 stainless steel element assembly. The element may be removed for inspection and regular maintenance without disturbing the piping. This unit performs equally well in either vertical or horizontal installations with the line pressures up to 50 PSI. Non-standard materials of construction, special flanges and pressure taps are available on request.

SIZES: 16, 18, 20, 24, and 30 inch
BODY: Carbon Steel
COVERS: Carbon Steel
ELEMENT: 316 Stainless Steel
FLANGES: 150 lb. ANSI R.F.
Size Side to Side Front to Back Face to Back Flange Dia. Bolt Circle Number of Holes – Dia. Shipping Wt. Lbs.
16″ 21 5/16 29 13/ 16 32 23 1/2 21 1/4 16 – 1 1625
18″ 25 26 26 7/8 25 22 3/4 16 – 1 1/4 1890
20″ 38 1/2 31 1/2 38 27 1/2 25 20 – 1 1/8 3025
24″ 41 7/8 39 1/2 44 1/4 32 29 1/2 20 – 1 1/4 4700
30″ 51 3/8 49 1/8 52 1/4 38 3/4 36 28 – 1 3/8 5950

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