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Model P 194 provides pressure relief in pipe-away and vapor recovery applications.
Series 94 vent valves are the most versatile, high performance valves on the market today!

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Built with heavy cast body construction with precision stamped and machined components, Series 94 valves offer unprecedented minimum settings with superior performance. The deep ribbed palled design provides excellent flow characteristics even at very low tank pressures. Optional quick release covers with stainless steel clips allow for easy pallet inspection, adjustment, or replacement.

FEP Teflon pallet membranes provide superior seating with a positive seal making the Series 94 valve virtually non-freezing, even under severe climate conditions. To meet special applications, such as corrosive requirements, a variety of membrane materials and trims are also available.

Sized for 2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch flow capacities, with all flanges pre drilled to ANSI specifications, Series 94 is the only vent valve you will ever need for venting application.

The outstanding feature of the Series 94 is that it’s designed to accept modular configurations for virtually any venting application. Body castings are assembled into the required configuration by means of a unique clamping device. The clamp not only provides a tight seal, but it also allows fast and easy disassembly of the valve for fast change-over, inspection or maintenance. All parts are interchangeable with other sizes and styles of Series 94 valves, reducing the number of any spare parts that may be required.

Sizes: 2X3, 3X4, and 4X6 inch
Body: Cast Aluminum
Trim: Aluminum
Membrane: FEP Teflon
Settings: 1/8 oz. minimum
16.0 oz. maximum
Body: 303, 316 stainless
Trim: 303, 316 stainless
Membrane: Viton, Nitrile, Buna-N
Settings: 3/8 oz. minimum stainless
10 PSIG spring loaded


Dimensions and Weights
Size Dimensions in Inches Approximate
Weight Lbs.
A B C Net Shipping
2 8-15/16 11-1/2 7-7/8 17 26
3 8-15/16 12-1/8 8-3/4 21 32
4 8-15/16 12-1/8 9-3/8 24 37

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