Slot Dipping Devices

Slot Dipping Devices

The Slot Dipping Device was designed to provide a convenient and safe means of measuring liquids. It is used to measure the levels and temperature manually and to take the samples of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and other volatile or hazardous liquids in bulk storage tanks. Pressures up to 40 “WG can be maintained, and it is available in 6” (150 mm) size. The device can be mounted on the roofs of tanks and used in place of conventional gauge hatches.

There are many advantages of Slot dipping devices. The loss of vapour can be negligible, operators are not exposed to hazardous vapours, and the product spillage will not happen due to wiping off the tape.

The device can accommodate heavy and light dip weights and Temperature and Sampling Devices. The Temperature and Sampling Device has been designed to take samples and temperature of products stored in bulk. These products include petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, and allied industries. When used in conjunction with the Slot Dipping Device is suitable for pressures up to 40” (1016 mm) WG. From this, the loss of vapour is significantly reduced.

Slot Dipping Device and Adaptors 6” (150mm) in length are constructed by assembling an upper and lower body section with a counter-balanced lever-operated closing pallet in the lower area. The upper section is designed to place the dip weight or sampling device when the isolating pallet in the lower section is closed.

The hinged cap which closes the upper section is designed to accept the bayonet fitting of the tape adaptor. When the fitting is not practised, it can be completed by a sealing plug. The main components are body sections, cap, and closure pallet, which are constructed in Aluminum alloy.

The mounting can be done by drilling the lower body section.

The operation part of the Slot dipping device is impressive. The Hand Gauging Tape Adaptor has a slight clearance around the tape through which only a tiny amount of vapour can escape. It is permanently attached to the tape. The plug can be removed when the upper section of the device is isolated from the tank by the closure pallet. Then the tape weight can be inserted with the tape adaptor replacing the plug.

Gauging can proceed when the closure pallet has been lowered. When gauging black oil tanks, it is advisable to use the adaptor, which is made up of a Beryllium copper strip, to incorporate a tape wiper. The aperture in the upper section cap is 46 mm diameter and will allow passage of all known standard tape weights and the plunger of Portable Temperature Sensor.

For the Sampling, either a gauging tape or a PVC-covered wire rope can be used with the corresponding adaptor. The sampling method follows closely that for gauging except that the cap on the upper chamber is opened and the sampling device is placed in the upper section and the tape/rope is connected. Then, the tape adaptor or rope adaptor is inserted in the cap and after lowering the pallet, sampling can proceed.


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