Pipe-Away Pressure / Vacuum Breather Valves

Pipe-Away Pressure / Vacuum Breather Valves

Storage tanks that store hazardous fluids, including gases and liquids, sometimes produce hazardous vapours that must be pipped away. If not, serious environmental issues could occur when hazardous substances get added to the atmosphere directly.

Apart from environmental protection, care must be given to maintain the tank’s vapour space within the safe operating parameters for smooth operations by minimizing under pressure conditions and product loss. Hence Pipe-Away Pressure Vacuum breathers are specifically engineered to provide vacuum and pressure relief in applications that require hazardous vapours to be piped away rather than released into the atmosphere.

Pallets in the Pipe away vent housing allow air intake and escape vapours as the tank breathes typically in and out. Pipe away vacuum breathers protect the storage tanks and vessels during periods of excessive pressure and vacuum caused by filling and emptying liquid and changes in temperature due to external fire sources or thermal effects.

It is straightforward and convenient to handle the Pipe away pressure vacuum breather due to its unique design and lightweight unit. It also provides quick inspection ability. The specialty about this Pipe away pressure vacuum breather is that it can maintain accurate pressure settings where setpoints are accurate to within +/- 3% across the entire range of available settings.

Air-Cushioned Seating, a flat and smooth diaphragm of FEP film, is supported on both sides of an annular channel to form a floating air seal with the seat. An outer support rim assures proper seating.

The automatic Condensate Drainage system in the Pipe away pressure vacuum breather is a self-draining housing body, and drip rings keep condensate away from seating surfaces. Pipe away vent is protected from freezing, binding and clogging even under severe environmental conditions to maintain the smooth functioning of the system. This is also responsible for keeping leakage at the minimum level of no more than 1 SCFH at 90% of the set pressure. Pressure tested against leakage through gasketed joints and castings.

Series 94 is the only vent valve you will always need for venting application. The unique feature of the Series 94 is that it’s designed to accept modular configurations for virtually any venting application.

Unique clamping devices are used in the assembly of body castings into required configurations. Apart from providing tight sealing ability, the clamp also allows fast change-over, inspection or maintenance, and fast and easy valve disassembly. In addition, all parts in this unit are interchangeable with other sizes and styles of Series 94 valves available by reducing the number of spare parts required.

Pallets in the Pipe away vent housing permit outflow of vapours and air intake as the tank breathes typically in and out. Usually, pallets connected to the Pipe away vent housing unit open and close to permit only the intake or outlet relief necessary to remain or maintain pressure level within permissible working pressure limits and avoid damage to the tank. Center pallet stem guides and peripheral pallet assembly guides ensure proper pallet assembly alignment on the seat and smooth lifting and reseating action.


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