Gauge Hatches

Gauge Hatches

Gauge hatches are specifically engineered to provide easily accessible entry points for inspection, measurement, and sampling inside storage tanks. These are fitted with a composition insert to assure a gas-tight, non-sparking closure. Flange plates may be provided blank for welding or drilled to match the customer requirements.

Usually, storage tanks store liquids and gases such as fuel, chemicals, and petrochemicals, releasing vapour. In storage tanks where volatile substances are stored, vapour losses can occur during inspection, measurement, and sampling inside storage tanks.

Lockable Gauge Hatches are specially designed to allow easy access to storage tanks while controlling vapour losses. The foot pedal in the Lockable Gauge Hatch enables the operator to open the cover whilst maintaining both hands-free to perform gauging or sampling of the tank contents. Venting Gauge Hatches allow pressure relief inside the tank. Venting gauge Hatches are supplied with “O” ring seats in nitrile rubber for easy maintenance.

Purple engineering provides cost-effective, flexible, and optimized gauge hatches and venting gauge hatches with robust technology to cope with regular use.

Atmospheric gauge hatch Model CNC 101/102 allow easy access to atmospheric and low-pressure liquid storage tanks for manual level measurement (dipping), temperature measurement and sampling. The safety pedal present in the Atmospheric gauge hatch allows the operator to open the gauge hatch whilst remaining ‘hands-free to carry out required measuring. Combination gauge hatches are an economical combined unit supplied with pressure and vacuum relief.

Combination gauge hatch model CNC 103 allows manual level gauging or sampling and provides pressure & vacuum relief. In addition, security will be provided to the unit by a padlock when it is closed.

Combined free vents and Sampling hatches are gauge hatches combined with accessible vent hatches. Model CNC 141 Free Vents provides easy tank access for sampling or dipping tank contents whilst allowing the tank to vent safely through the weather hood.

Type YC and YT Man Heads provide a gas-tight closure through which a man can enter a tank through the rooftop after construction of the tank is complete. Type “YC” Man heads are fitted along with a composition insert, and it is advised to maintain the tank pressures up to 1 PSI. In addition, type “YT” Man heads have a Teflon insert that can be used in more corrosive applications.

Gauge hatches and venting gauge hatches are available in aluminum, cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel material with customized sizes and materials to suit a wide range of applications manufactured according to API standards.


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