Emergency Pressure Valves

Emergency Pressure Valves

The emergency pressure valve (EPV) often functions with high flow capacity. Therefore, the EPV is mainly used as an emergency pressure relief device for storage tanks, containers, and process engineering equipment.

The valve offers consistent protection against overpressure and avoids impermissible product vapour loss. Furthermore, it is constructed to relieve large amounts to prevent the vessel from rupturing in an emergency case. Hence the main functions of the emergency pressure valve are to provide easy access for tank inspection and protection against costly tank rupture.

The device will operate as soon as the set pressure is reached and only needs 10% overpressure to full lift. “Full lift type” technology permits the valve to be set 10% below the maximum allowable working pressure of the tank.

Due to the well-developed manufacturing technology, the tank pressure is retained up to the set pressure. This feature is achieved by valve seats made of stainless steel with an inserted O-ring seal, a precisely lapped valve pallet, and a reinforced housing design. After more pressure is relieved, the valve resets and delivers a tight seal again.

“Full lift type” technology valve utilises only 10% overpressure to reach full lift. As a result, these emergency pressure valves provide excellent tightness and, hence, the least possible product losses, reducing environmental pollution.

When it comes to pressure management, emergency pressure valves are the best possible pressure management systems in the market, along with reinforced design and safely secured housing cover. In addition, these valves can accept high flow capacity, protect against harsh weather conditions, and be used in areas subject to explosion hazards.

There are many emergency pressure valves available in the market that can be utilised according to customer requirements. Emergency Pressure Relief Valves are mounted on tanks with fixed roofs for volatile liquids. It serves as a safety option and as a standard outlet. It functions on the principle of raising the pallet when the change in pressure of the reservoir and the adjoining area occurs. After the pressure ceases, the pallet returns to its original position and tightly closes the vent.

Emergency Relief Valves ensure the tank’s protection from an explosion in cases of excessive pressure or vacuum. They are made up of a blend of materials such as steel and aluminum, which prevents the occurrence of sparks. In addition, the gasket is made with stored media resistant rubber. The materials and the construction of valves provide long-lasting and secure operations with low maintenance.

Emergency pressure vents are designed to provide an emergency relief capability to the tanks. Under normal conditions, the ventilation platform assembly is closed, providing an effective vapour seal. In an emergency, the platform rises in response to the increased pressure in the tank’s vapour space. The steam is expelled, thus protecting the tank from a dangerous overpressure. The pallet assembly closes automatically and reseals when pressure is reduced. If the emergency vents do not provide vacuum relief, the independent conservation vents should provide it.

Emergency vents shield against abnormal pressure variations in a tank or vacuum due to liquid level and temperature changes. The excessive positive or negative pressure needs to be relieved quickly to ensure safety and protect tank assets.


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