'Consavent' Filter Vents

'Consavent' Filter Vents

Consavent tank filters are specifically designed to filter atmospheric air. The consavent filter vent permits air to travel freely in and out of tanks while incurring that no harmful elements enter the storage tank.

We offer two tank free vent systems (CNC240 and CNC241 series) that can be used in any atmospheric tank to protect against built-up pressure inside the tank. The large, streamlined mushroom type weather hood in the tank free vent permits maximum airflow, including vapour, to flow freely in tanks. Further tank free vent performs a screening function preventing ingress of foreign matter.

Our type “VF” mushroom vent is specifically designed for the storage tanks holding a low or non-volatile product. The type “VF” vent can be mounted on a pipe or bolted directly to the roof tank nozzle. A coarse wire mesh performs a screening function that prevents the entry of debris.

Type “W3” weather hoods allow the free breathing of storage tanks that store non-volatile products or do not require internal pressure to inhibit evaporation losses. The gradual curvature of the body minimizes the turbulence and the resistance to flow. Further expanding areas between the inlet and outlet type, the “W3” weather hood allows unusual high flows. The body of the type “W3” weather hood is made out of cast iron, and the coarse wire mesh on the outlet acts as a screener.

Type T vent valve is a pressure-vacuum relief vent valve available in our inventory. Type “T” vent valves are designed to accept both positive and negative pressures which occur during daily tank operation by allowing only the breathing volume required to maintain safe working pressures.

The type “TL” valve is a lever-loaded pressure and vacuum relief vent valve, which is ideal for venting applications on pressure vessels or blow-down lines, spheres that require pressure settings between one and ten psi. Type TL vent valve performs its functions under various temperatures and climatic conditions.

The type v-103 vacuum relief valve, on the other hand, is specifically designed to perform its functions under negative pressures, elevated temperatures to 600° f, as well as in corrosive environments on vessels or piping wherever necessary.

The type v-106 pressure relief valve is ideal for storage vessels requiring relief settings of between two and thirty psi where vapours may be discharged to the atmosphere or piped away. In addition, type V-106 relief valves can work under corrosive environments.

We offer type v-130 conservation regulators, one of the finest “conventional” vents available. It is ideal for petroleum or hydrocarbon storage application and provides excellent flow, even at low tank pressure and freezing conditions.

Type v-136 vent valve provides pressure and vacuum relief in a single housing.

  • Designed for:
  • Nitrogen solution tanks
  • Ammonia service tanks
  • Chemical fertilizer process tanks

Last but not least, the type V-163 vent valve is ideally suited for venting applications where the direct atmospheric discharge of vapours may be unacceptable.


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