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OCECO was established in 1921 and was the first company to offer a full line of tank fitting and venting equipment. Oil Conservation Engineering Company, known by its initials “OCECO,” was founded in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The Johnston and Jennings Company soon after acquired OCECO. The Johnston and Jennings Company was then acquired by the Pettibone Corporation as part of their expansion strategy following World War II. 

Pettibone knew this new line as the Johnston and Jennings Company, Division of Pettibone. Later, Pettibone stopped referring to the line as Johnston and Jennings and started calling it the OCECO Division. This gets us to where they are now. In June 1986, a group of employees acquired the OCECO Division from Pettibone Corporation. Now operating under the name OCECO Incorporated, our company is based in Tiffin, Ohio.

The first company to create a pressure-balanced membrane-seated vent valve and a double disc water draw-off valve was OCECO. Both valves were created to function normally and to avoid freezing up. As a result, modular vent valves from OCECO are the most adaptable, high-performing valves on the market. 

Thanks to their expertise and meticulous labour, they produce the best tank safety equipment currently on the market. They have several different product categories, including:

Equipment for Wastewater Treatment– OCECO has produced high-quality safety equipment for waste gas disposal and flammable liquid storage systems for over 65 years. The safety, performance, and longevity records of OCECO equipment are unmatched worldwide. In addition, OCECO provides a broad array of safety equipment for waste gas disposal and fire protection for wastewater treatment plants. 

Equipment for Gas Safety and Conservation- The first company to offer a full line of tank fitting and venting equipment was OCECO. Under this product line, there are other kinds of products, as given below, 

  • Series 94 is the most common high-performance valve in the industry. It has different models, such as a Valve for Atmospheric Pressure and Vacuum, a Pressure/Vacuum Valve for Pipe-Away, Vacuum Side-Mount Valve, Bottom-Mount Vacuum Valve, a pressure valve for pipes, and Easy Flange Change-Over. 
  • There are different types of vents for conservation, such as Type “VF” Mushroom Vents, Type “W3” Weatherhood, Type T vent valves, Type TL Vent Valves, Type V 103 and 106 relief valves, Type V 130, 136 and 163 relief valves. 
  • Another type is emergency vents like Type V – 108 and Type V and Emergency Vents of Type V-108A, B, and V, Draw Off Valves for Water, Burning Arrestors like Dehydrators, Type E 21 Flame arrestors, and Type E 21 Flame arrestors. Manholes & Hatches, Fire safety Valves. 


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