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2800i High Accuracy Tank Servo Level Gauge - TankVent

2800i High Accuracy Tank Servo Level Gauge

Access Manway - TankVent

Access Manway

Atmospheric Gauge hatch - TankVent

Atmospheric Gauge hatch

Combination Gauge Hatch - TankVent

Combination Gauge Hatch

Combined Free Vents & Sampling Hatch - TankVent

Combined Free Vents & Sampling Hatch

In-Line Flame Arrester - TankVent

Deflagration, In-Line Flame Arrester

Emergency Relief Manways - TankVent

Emergency Relief Manways

End Of Line Deflagration Flame Arresters - TankVent

End Of Line Deflagration Flame Arresters

High Pressure Float Level Gauges - TankVent

High Pressure Float Level Gauges

In-Line Flame Arrester - TankVent

In-Line Detonation Flame Arrester

Atmospheric Gauge hatch - TankVent

Lockable Gauge Hatch

Mechanical Float and Tape Level Gauge - TanVent

Mechanical Float and Tape Level Gauge

Emergency Relief Manways - TankVent

Pressure and Vacuum Emergency Manway

Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve PVRV - TankVent

Pressure Only Relief Valves

Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve PVRV - TankVent

Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

Radar Level Transmitter | Radar Level Gauge

Radar Level Transmitter | Radar Level Gauge


Motherwell Tank Protection’s production history dates back to 1859 when William Neill & Son Ltd. founded the Bold Iron Works in St. Helens, England.

The business specialized in machinery for chemical factories and, later on, oil refineries and storage facilities. Motherwell works hard to give customers the security they require concerning their tank storage system demands. Its salespeople are knowledgeable and willing to give their best for customers. In addition, their highly qualified staff is readily available all year long and can go to project locations anywhere in the world. 

It is comprehensive project management that is intended to provide total satisfaction. They have realized that quality and service are non-negotiable after 150 years in the tank storage sales and construction sector with thousands of happy clients. They demand dedication and a promise that originates from the heart. 

The team at Motherwell takes great pleasure in their reputation for dependability and excellence because they bring decades of experience in the tank safety industry to every project and dedication to each client. In addition, their extensive knowledge of customer requirements enables them to promote storage and transportation systems that are creative, robust, economical, and dependable. Making sure the product is perfect from the start and that the customers are happy.

Motherwell’s current activities include the design and manufacturing of equipment and systems installed on storage tanks in the petrochemical, chemical, and food industries around the world. 

Motherwell specialized in,

  • Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Flame Arrestors
  • Emergency Relief Vents
  • Gauge Hatches (dip Hatch)
  • Rim Vents
  • Storage Tank Level Measurement
  • Tank Gauging Systems

Aluminium, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel are common building materials. Motherwell pays close attention to quality as well as manufacturing technique improvement.

All equipment is available as standard products or can be customized to meet each client’s specific needs. Motherwell Tank Protection has a policy of continuous product development and improvement. They design and manufacture their products. 

This policy provides significant customer benefits regarding quality control and delivery times. The storage Tank Fittings are produced in a purpose-built factory with a comprehensive machine shop, assembly areas, shot blasting section, surface preparation area, testing zone, and dispatch room. Before leaving the factory, every product is thoroughly tested and inspected, and Motherwell engineers are experts in this equipment. Over the years, they have produced thousands of tank safety equipment from this factory.

Motherwell engineers and material controllers oversee the entire design and manufacturing process. The business specializes in tank fittings for bulk liquid storage tanks. It is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of Motherwell Tank Holdings Limited. They are honoured to be recognized as a preferred supplier by a long list of international powerhouses on a global scale. Furthermore, Their team of product engineers and global network of partners provide worldwide support.


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