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Lecore was established in 1968 to manufacture and develop a South African product line of pressure vacuum breather valves, flame arrestors, emergency vent valves, and dip hatches. Their head branch is situated in Johannesburg.

Their mission is to lead the way in innovation and excellence across industries, establish credibility as a supplier of services and products focused on our client’s needs, and establish high standards in everything they do with honesty and leadership.

They are a multi-faceted construction company comprised of proven industry professionals. All are involved in developing, construction, transportation, operation, and maintenance projects across North America. However, Lecore believes that projects are more than just concrete and steel. They are about people and the power of collaboration—collaborations with employees, communities, contractors, and clients.

Lecore believes in fostering trust in the communities where they do business, whether by engaging honestly, giving back, prioritizing safety, or looking for smarter, more sustainable ways to get the job done right.

Lecore has partnered with Zipfluid and their manufacturing facility in Europe’s productive industrial district, in the Province of Bologna, to supply the international market. Fluid transfer systems are designed and manufactured, such as pumping and metering skids, tanker loading and unloading arms, floating suctions, marine loading arms, tanker access platforms, and folding stairs with safety cages. They can provide comprehensive packaged solutions across a wide range of industries, including Oil &Gas, Chemicals, Building, and Agriculture, due to their extensive industry experience.

Their products are divided into three main types: Gantry, Vapour processing and Storage tanks. As a result, Zipfluid is an ideal partner for Lecore, which seeks specific expertise in loading systems and requires a rigorous project management approach.
They use a formal Stage-Gate project Management Model for every project, regardless of size or complexity, to ensure that our time and quality commitments are met without exception.
ATEX, PED, and Machine Directives are used as primary references and other applicable standards to assess the Safety Integrity Level of their Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS).

Their cutting-edge CAD system enables them to quickly adapt the design to meet all customer requirements during the Detailed Design stage. In addition, 3D simulation greatly simplifies the analysis of all possible interferences of their loading arms with other objects in the working area, whereas Finite Elements Modeling enables them to perform.

The internationally recognized Lecore brand of products is designed and manufactured solely in their factory, which was established in 1968. Flow Meter Skids, Loading Arms, Pressure Vacuum Breather Valves, Flame Arrestors, Emergency Vent Valves, and Dip Hatches are just a few of the products available.

They have engineers on staff who can create custom skids to meet Petrochemical specifications. This includes engineering design, fabrication, welding, machining, assembly, testing, QA/QC, FAT, and documentation in accordance with the export standards of the petroleum industry.

Their 1200m manufacturing facility in Durban, South Africa, is conveniently located near the airport and harbour for local and export deliveries. Their factory comprises complex structural analyses and ensures superior system reliability throughout its life cycle. Work is completed with metal CNC milling machines, Drilling equipment, Milling machines with CNC technology, Welding equipment, certified welders, QA/QC 3D CAD drawing office Managed, and documentation is produced in accordance with the ISO 9000.


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