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Aager was established in 1982 in Münich, Germany. It was developed to be a key supporter of their customers, who require industrial items of the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

Aager now has four international branches and works with partners in over 150 countries. For 30 years, Aager’s primary business was traditionally oil and gas, but as time passed, other sectors’ product needs also became apparent. 

Following that, Aager became actively engaged in the manufacturing, maritime, water & wastewater, electricity, and alternative energy sectors. They provide customized manufacturing components, process products, safety, and environmental considerations. 

They aim to offer the best solutions for filtration, environmental protection, storage, and safety. Their technology safeguards the natural world, your possessions, and human life. Aager’s 40 years of experience producing machinery and accessories for industrial facilities, refineries, pipelines, processes, and storage tank terminals put them at the front of the industry. 

Their extensive experience enables them to handle and meet challenging projects while providing excellent service. Aager’s vast array of CNC mills, lathes, cutting, bending, rolling, and welding machines provide comprehensive machining capabilities. 

They have different products under two categories. They are Storagetech and Ergil; under the Storagetech brand, they have a range of products, including:

Flame Arrestors 

Aager produces premium flame arrester components. By expanding the path for flame, reverse winding technology offers superior protection. 

Vacuum and Pressure Valves 

Aager has several models of Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Mode No.102. top mounted, end of line, weight-loaded Model, top mounted, spring-loaded Model, Weight loaded at the end of the line, Top mounted, pipe-away, weight-loaded- Model and many more. 

Other types of Air & Gas Absorbers Scrubbers, emergency relief valves, gauge hatches and floating suction units are also under the Aager brand. 

Products under Ergil product range include storage tanks, pipeline and pigging systems, heat exchangers, vessels for filters and separators and surge containers for a scrubber system. They also provide after-service for their purchased products.


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